Beginners DIY Courses at The DIY School enable men and women who have little or no previous DIY experience to work with a range of essential DIY Tools that they would use in simple yet common DIY tasks around the home. These DIY Courses can enable people to tackle repairs and home improvements around the home without needing to wait for their "DIY Friend" to come round, pay for a handyman or simply put off essential repairs or improvements.

Mobile diy school

The diy school can be run in any school conference room or library on request and could be a great course for men and women, with transition year students and clubs, groups or society discounts available.

Certificates are issued for every candidate that is involved in a course

The skills are always useful around the home for DIY tasks, repairs and improvements.

They act as a basis for further DIY training

They can enable home owners to save money by doing some repairs themselves.

They can enable novice DIY’ers tackle home improvement DIY projects.

Parents can bring their children for FREE to learn some useful life skills.

DIY Courses For Home Repairs

  • There is a lot to be said for home maintenance and repairs; they can costly, time consuming and ever so stressful. But what if you could eliminate the stress, time wasting and costs?
  • The DIY school offer a great range of courses for you to take part in, learn new skills and gain knowledge about woodwork, painting and decorating, plus many other useful skills for trade and home improvements. Being able to carry out your own repairs and maintenance will save time spent searching for a handyman to do the job.
  • Save the labour costs and the stress of having large unexpected costs for trades people to carry out your repairs.
  • As Christmas approaches, everyone feels the pinch and doing your own repairs will save money, you can then spend on presents and Christmas treats.
  • So why not try one The DIY Schools many great DIY courses available at great low prices.

DIY courses for women

  • Whether on the Beginners DIY Tool Use Course or further Home Maintenance Course for tackling day to day DIY repairs in the home or tackling more substantial home improvement projects through our Decorating Courses, Woodwork or Tiling Courses everybody tells how they have amazed themselves, friends and families after attending The DIY School. They also tell how enjoyable the learning process was in the mixed classes at The DIY School. Experience shows that women are exceptional learners and doing our DIY Tool Use or Property and Home Maintenance courses such as Tiling or Decorating, female candidates consistently go on to produce work equal to and often better than some of their male course colleagues.
  • So if you are feeling apprehensive about starting on a DIY learning curve then have no fear. You will be amongst others in similar situations, all equally as apprehensive yet with a hunger to learn. What we can happily say is that you will find a new found confidence and independence and we would be surprised if, like so many others, we don't see you back again for the next steps on the DIY learning Ladder.